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Network Security

Caspian Services deploys innovative network security solutions. These solutions are dedicated to protecting networks with high-performance enterprise and Internet access and our security solutions are designed to meet the unique networking needs of the financial, carrier, energy, hospitality and other enterprises.

With enterprise-class software and hardware solutions, we will protect network assets by securing Data centers, Internet devices, laptops/notebooks and corporate desktops from intrusion and misuse. We at Caspian are able to work with you to devise an airtight Security Policy and then turn your security policy into operational reality by extending it to the users and the distributed workforce. Our solutions will cater for the following:

  • Enforce consistent enterprise-wide security policy
  • Defend corporate assets against intruder access and control enterprise-wide security posture.
By proactively reducing your exposure to attack, Caspian will protect the most precious corporate asset i.e. information. Understanding the dynamic nature of those in need of access, our solutions create profiles and automatically adjust to secure users.
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