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Storage Area Networks and Server Solutions

At Caspian, we are capable of providing robust and highly available Storage Area Networks (SANs) that will guarantee security and integrity of critical data. 

By deploying a centralized storage approach, using diverse technologies such as iSCSI, FCIP, Gigabit Ethernet and optical network infrastructure, we can implement a new SAN in your enterprise or convert your multiple servers and other storage media into a SAN.

Our SANs offer the following benefits: 

  • Reduce CapEx/OpEx
  • Increase agility to support changing business priorities, application requirements and revenue growth
  • Improve SAN extension infrastructures for long distance replication, backup and recovery to meet regulatory requirements and industry best practices
  • Ensure Disaster Recovery and Prevention
  • Guarantees Consolidated Backup

    As an integral part of attaining a Enterprise Data Center Architecture, Caspian’s intelligent storage networking solutions provide a better way of accessing, managing, and protecting growing information resources.

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