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Technology Consulting

Caspian’s value proposition here is the extensive, hands-on technical knowledge and skills that is common to all our consultants. These, combined with our consulting experience, are the basis of the potency of our team. We are capable of plunging through the most complex set of requirements to culminating in the best-laid process of evaluation, selection and recommendation.

 At Caspian we have gathered experience in the design, deployment, installation and support of all types and sizes of technology solutions. We are equipped to guide and supervise the design and implementation of the most complex and intelligent solutions that ensure all your information technology needs are met. Our practical experience, research programmes and monitoring of standardization and industry forums provides us with the knowledge to provide meaningful advice and technical consultancy to our clients and partners.
There is no single business process or functional area that has greater impact on financial performance of a corporation than procurement. In addition, the technology intensive industries that we serve need to source equipment, materials, components and services in a rapidly changing Nigerian environment During this period of significant change, management will need objective, factual analysis and insight to identify and exploit new opportunities of improvements to keep their organizations cost and capital efficient. This puts extra demands on selecting the right suppliers, securing timely deliveries as well as specified quality, and striking the best possible commercial terms.
This is where Caspian comes into play. Our partners and managers have a wealth of experience from procurement assignments for our clients. We have adopted sophisticated tools and practices for all aspects of procurement. As a young and dynamic firm, Caspian has the ability and flexibility to respond to client needs and deliver outstanding results that directly improve our client's bottom-line results. Outsourcing & Procurement Management Services help companies identify sourcing opportunities, improve top-line quality and acquire as well as sustain profitable long-term relationships with their suppliers. We guide our clients through the procurement process, from investment planning to final contracts. Through comprehensive evaluations of a global and local network of suppliers, we are able to select the most competitive suppliers and negotiate contracts with minimized procurement spend and risk exposure. 


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