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Shelter and Data Centre Infrastructure

Caspian Services supplies and installs world-class, plug and play equipment shelters for housing expensive and critical micro base station, base station controller and Switching centre equipment.

These shelters can be customized to have one, more or all of many features including but not limited to:

•    Energy efficient illumination
•    Electro-statically discharged floor
•    Interior cladding in white durrilium
•    Over head ladder cable tray
•    16 port copper earth bar
•    Vandal-proof, 4mm mild steel super structure
•    Bullet proof doors
•    Weather-proof large bay doors for awkward loads
•    Fire detection alarm and audio-visual sounder
•    Acoustic/Thermal insulation.
•    1 or 3 phase MCCB incomer
•    High Density Fire Resistant (HDFR)
•    Air conditioners
•    and so many more…….

In addition, we can provide a holistic infrastructure solution for data centres including but not limited to:

i. Fire grade Walls                                    
ii. Fire Grade Doors                

iii. Fire Grade Ceiling/floor               

iv. Suspended Ceiling and Raised floor          

v. Intelligent Climate control                           

vi. Uniform Illumination

vii. Intelligent anti Fire systems

 viii. Access control

ix.  Movement monitoring.

x.  Fail safe power system

xi. Planned workplace ergonomic spacing.

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