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Caspian Services is a technical partner to BARCO Inc. to engage in supply, installation and integration of diverse audio visual solutions ranging from indoor and outdoor digital wall display systems, building highly intelligent boardrooms and conference rooms, to FIDS (Flight Information Display Systems) used in the aviation industry, to multi functional out door LED displays. Others display products include:

    + Display Monitors
    + Air Management
    + Displays
    + Avionics Displays
    + Widescreen LCD
    + Displays
    + Medical Displays
    + Projectors
    + Event Venue Projectors
    + Fixed Install presentation projectors
    + Simulation and training
    + Multi projector
    + Displays
    + Rear projection video walls
    + Lighting Products
    + Digital Lights
    + Automated Luminaires
    + Media Servers
    + LED Solutions
    + Software
    + Air Traffic
    + Management Software
    + Control Room Software
    + Display Management
    + Software
    + Remote Desktop

References :

  1. Arik Air Operation Control Center Display Wall and Management
  2. Etisalat Abuja Display Wall and Management -Network Operating Center
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